Easy way to find out if your access card can be duplicate - Access Card Checker

At duplicatecard.com, we want to help our customers to be able to get the best access card duplication service. Hence we have created the first access card duplication checker for condos, apartments, and offices in Singapore and Malaysia! For Malaysians, we are on Lowyat! and feel free to contact us to check! We travel to Malaysia and have regulars there as well!

Property Agent, Coliving Business Owners, Home Owners and Tenants can now have the ease of searching for their condo if they can clone. Property Agent and Coliving business owner can now take this opportunity to find the best condo which can be duplicated to get the best profit available!

This list will be constantly updated regularly. Feel free to WhatsApp Us if your condo is not on the list so i can add it in!

List of access card