Is it Illegal to duplicate your Condo Access Card?

At we assured our customers that duplicating or cloning access cards is legal. There is no problem when you duplicate your condo card for your house because access cards are similar to house keys that you may use on your smart digital lock.

So there is no wrong with owning a clone card to be used on the card reader, and door access.

To identify your access card, you can read up this article on how to identify what types of card you have.

There are many types of the access control system in Singapore that are used by offices, condominiums, apartments, coliving and coworking places. We can duplicate RFID cards –

Some condominiums and offices are installing HID iClass access control systems which makes it almost impossible for card cloners and locksmiths in Singapore to duplicate/clone. can duplicate a wide range of HID iClass cards, MIFARE ultralight, and DESFire as well.

Despite knowing that is NOT illegal to duplicate or clone your access card. However, under the MCST governing your premises, it is considered a breach of their policy. We urge customers to be prudent and access cautiously without getting caught.

Quoted from AsiaOne 

“What further complicates the matter is that access card duplication services are legal in Singapore.Mr Jason Chan, a director at intellectual property and technology practice Amica Law LLC, said that as long as the technology used in manufacturing and duplicating the cards is not patented, duplication services are legal.”

Quoted from AsiaOne

There is no law against duplicating access cards.

We DO NOT STORE any information during cloning, duplicating or replicating.