4 Tips for Coliving, Expats and Rented Apartments living in Singapore

There has been a rise of expats living in Singapore getting their security deposit forfeited due to loss of access card, malfunctioning access card, insensitive card and even loss of keys.

The security deposit costs from 100 Singapore dollars to 300 Singapore dollars, and on top of that, you have to pay the fee for the replacement of access card or keys which would cost between SGD 30 to over 100 dollars. This is a considerable amount as the cost of living increases and rentals are skyrocketing in Singapore

We have reliable sources that the Condo management or also known as MCST will be increasing the cost of access cards by almost double or triple due to the inflation and property market boom

Below are some quick tips to help you to have a peace of mind.

Tip #1 – Quickly duplicate access card

Do not take the original card.  Ask your landlord or agent to get you a duplicate access card or contact us so we are able to help you duplicate your access card. 

Tip #2 – Keep the original card

Keep the original card and get your access card duplicated outside. Remember to know where you keep it when your rental contract ends as you will need to hand over the keys and access cards

Tip #3 – Duplicate cards are legal

In Singapore, duplicating access cards is legal, do not be afraid to find a duplication service in Singapore. 

Tip #4 – Use our access card duplicate checker

Use our easy-to-use access card duplication checker right now! If you are looking to rent your next place, take a look at our list to check if the condo could be duplicated! 

We can help property agents, coliving owners, rental owners, tenants and many others. Get in touch with us! We have also launched our service for Malaysia! 

To understand What Card Can We Duplicate, clone, copy or replicate. We have launched Singapore’s first access card duplication checker.