OMNIKEY® 5022 Reader Firmware Product Change Notice Revision Singapore

HID have found a few errors in the OMNIKEY® 5022 Reader Announcement on September 28, 2022. The corrected information here:

  • Affected OMNIKEY 5022 readers will indicate Rev D on the product labels
  • Introduction period for the affected part numbers is Q3 2022

This Product Bulletin provides information on the OMNIKEY® 5022 Reader firmware update. Included is background information on changes and details on the impact the new firmware revision may have for integrators of the affected OMNIKEY Reader.

An issue has been reported where the generation of a key pair with an ATOS CardOS and specific configuration returns incomplete data with the OMNIKEY 5022. The new firmware directly addresses this issue and allows the use of the ATOS CardOS with the OMNIKEY 5022.

Differences Between the Reader Firmware Revisions
Functionally, the updated readers provide a drop-in replacement and have no affect to existing integrations. The Product ID: PID, and Vendor ID: VID, of all OMNIKEY 5022 readers are unaffected. The enhancements and changes are listed below.

Resolved issue:

  • Resolved an issue where the generation of key pair with an ATOS CardOS and specific configuration returned incomplete on the OMNIKEY 5022 CL.

Identifying Updated Readers
Readers with the new firmware will be identifiable by a revision change from Rev C to Rev D on the product label as shown in the examples below

Omnikey 5022 rev c labelomnikey 5022 rev D label

Introduction Period and Part Numbers
Affected readers are listed in the table below. All new OMNIKEY 5022 readers manufactured by HID will be provisioned with the new firmware, however, existing stock will not be updated. It is estimated that readers provisioned with the new firmware will start to be shipped to customers during Q4 2022.

It should be noted that there is no change in Extended Access Technologies part numbers to any products affected by the firmware update. If you need further details about this firmware update, please contact your HID sales representative.

Part NumberNew RevisionIntroduction Period
R50220318-DBDQ3 2022
R50220318-GRDQ3 2022

Further Information/Support
For additional information, visit the HID Global website at or contact our Technical Support team at [email protected].

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