How to clone RFID access card on Android

We have updated a new blog post on how to clone RFID access card onto android.

There are several ways to replicate an access card on an Android smartphone.

In this article, we will demonstrate two methods for cloning your RFID access card.

  1. Mtools with ACR122u or PN532
  2. Using the Mifare Classic tool with an NFC-enabled Android phone

Before we begin, we need to understand what type of access card can be duplicated or cloned using an Android smartphone. The tools shown below can read Mifare Classic and Mifare Ultralight only. No other access card technology can be read, such as 125KHz low frequencies (Indala, HID, iClass, IoProx, AWID, Proximity card and other technologies)

Mtools with ACR122u or PN532

Before you begin, you will need the ACR122u or PN532. This are cheaply available on Lazada or Shopee.

You will also need an OTG cable to connect from your android charging port to the device. This can also be purchased on the above shopping platform.

  1. Open the Mtools application
  2. Plug in the ACR122u in your android smartphone with the OTG adapter
  3. Click the “+” Icon
  4. Place the card onto the reader
  5. The card is now stored on Mtool
  6. Click the “Write Sector” Icon
  7. And you are done with a clone access card

mtool write nfc card

Mifare Classic Tool with NFC-enabled Android Smart phone

The simplest approach to copy NFC cards on your phone is as follows:

Using an Android smartphone with NFC capability is the simplest way to clone Mifare NFC Classic 1K Cards. That’s correct, if a corporation uses these sorts of cards, your smartphone may be used to breach their access control system. Simply install the “Mifare Classic Tool” on Android.

We can now begin cloning cards that have never had their default sector password altered.

  1. Open the Mifare Classic Tool app
  2. Place a card near the NFC Antenna on the Android Smartphone
  3. Click “Read Tag”
  4. Now bring a empty key fobs and Click “Write Tag”
  5. You are done! Test it out on your door access

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