Who is HID? & How to duplicate HID iClass access card in Singapore

HID Global is a renowned name in the industry, especially for Physical access control systems (PACS). One of their most popular product is called HID iCLASS Access Card. These access cards are very complex and provide robust security for controlling condo premises, workplace access, door card access, and other high-security locations.

HID developed an RFID card reader called multiclass or iCLASS reader, which accepts many types of access cards, such as MIFARE and DESFire, and HID legacy ranges, such as proximity card and older iCLASS cards.

Some coworking and coliving spaces, as well as rental flats, are adopting iCLASS physical access control systems in Singapore; we anticipate an increase in the adoption of such systems, particularly because renters will be charged for lost or misplaced cards.

iCLASS cards have different types of families. Notably iCLASS DL,iCLASS DP,iCLASS GP, iCLASS SE, iCLASS SR, iCLASS ER, iCLASS SEOS, iCLASS SEOS Essential, iCLASS SEOS IP and custom iCLASS cards. Each iCLASS card technology has different authentication, encryption and cryptography methods, which makes the card difficult to be cloned, duplicated or even copied over.

Certain iCLASS cards wrap information into a Secure Identity Object(SIO). This object wrapper provides key diversification, authentication signatures, and encryption.

HID iCLASS card does not have the luxury of cute designed fobs, fancy stickers or water proof bracelets. HID provides only thin, and thick, stickers and keyfobs as shown in the picture below.

iCLASS | HID Global

It is not impossible to duplicate HID iClass access card as there were many methods to clone access cards. The clone card functions just like the original card and allows access to all amenities such as the condo gym, function room, condo wellness center, offices, and other door access.

HID Global Access Control Systems Readers & Credentials - Fox Valley Fire & Safety

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