How to use an Android phone to open RFID lock, Gate, Access

Cloning RFID Door Access to use on Android phone

In our previous article we taught user how to clone RFID access card using android. 

Some Android phones available in the market are equipped with specific NFC chips that enable them to emulate various cards, such as Door Access Cards, Tesla cards, and Transportation Cards.

Today, we will demonstrate how to emulate door access cards using the POCO F3 smartphone.

This may not work on other Android models other than certain xiaomi models.

Before we begin, we you need to install the XiaoMi Wallet App

1. Mi Wallet App –  Download Link

MD5 Checksum – 44d4d34e63e394578481e459e003523c

Virus Total Scan Result:

Video Taken at Genetique Cats. They also own Ryokan Genetique Cat Boarding Hotel. Location: 101 Desker Road. 

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Once installed, you can run the app.

Step 1 – Open the wallet app

 Step 2 – Click 门卡 钥匙


Step 3 – Click the + Icon to add a card

Genetique Cats RFID Digital Lock

Step 4 – Click 实体门卡

This allows you to scan your existing card into the phone

Step 5 – Scan your card

RFID Card Android Duplicate Card 6

Step 6 – Success!
Now you have a working access card available to be tap on the door!

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