Marina One Residences iClass GP Access Card


Marina One Residences is located at the heart of Singapore. A luxurious and iconic condomium with Panoramic views to the sea, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay.

The Marina One Residences uses HID iClass GP access Card. Shown in the picture.

Marina One Residences iclass GP

Marina One Residences iclass GP

What is an HID iClass access card? HID Global is a renowned hardware and software access control solution. The HID iClass Card is a proprietary technology made by HID, iCLASS® cards, which can combine magnetic stripe functionality with a contactless smart card or contactless smart card. Based on RFID, these smart cards use high-frequency radio technology, versus the low frequencies used in proximity cards, to communicate with door readers.

The HID iClass GP access card is a 32k memory configuration card compared to standard HID iClass DP or DL card. It could also be configured in Elite Mode or Custom Mode set by the PACS system.