Where to duplicate 8@Mount Sophia Card

8 @ Mount Sophia access card duplicate

8 @ Mount Sophia is a 103 years tenure leasehold in the Dhoby Ghaut, Orchard and Rochor/Bugis Area district. The duplication of condo access card is available for 8 @ mount Sophia. 

8 @ Mount Sophia is using the

Mifare Classic Plus Non-Static Nounced Card. 

NXP Mifare is renowned for physical access control systems. 

This condominium has amenities nearby, such as hospitals and is within walking distance of Dhoby Ghaut MRT. The 8 @ Mount Sophia uses Habitap One system. 

Homeowners, property agents and co-living owners who are looking to duplicate their cards for tenants can contact us to get their access card duplicated.

Now you can duplicate, clone and copy 8 @ Mount Sophia card. Keep extra copies, as MCST charges are costly for lost, damaged or misplaced cards.

duplicatecard.com can duplicate, clone or copy such cards. All facilities, such as the gym, lift, gates and amenities, can be open.

Price: $50/card or $55/sticker/tag. Click below to WhatsApp me now!

8 mount sophia condo access card

To understand What Card Can We Duplicate, clone, copy or replicate. We have launched Singapore’s first access card duplication checker.


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