Who Is NXP And How To Duplicate Mifare Access Card

NXP Semiconductor is spun off from Philips. It is mostly recognised as the leader in Radio Frequency Identification(RFID). NXP Designed the Mifare chip, which is trademarked and owned by NXP. They designed their cryptographic function called Crypto-1.  

There is a huge percentage of MIFARE access card technologies being used in Singapore. DuplicateCard.com have observed about 80% of the offices, condos, physical door access system uses MIFARE family cards.

To determine what type of access card you have? We wrote an article previously on How to use android or iPhone smartphone to identify your card

Most coworking and coliving spaces, as well as rental flats, are adopting Mifare access card control systems in Singapore; we anticipate an increase in the adoption of such systems, particularly because renters will be charged for lost or misplaced cards.

Mifare cards have different types of families. Notably Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire. Each Mifare card technology has different authentication, encryption and cryptography methods, which makes the card difficult to be cloned, duplicate or even copy over.

Mifare family

It is not impossible to duplicate most Mifare cards, clone card functions just like the original card and allows access to all amenities such as the condo gym, function room, condo wellness centre, offices, and other door access.

You can clone Mifare classic and Mifare ultralight with and Android smartphone, however not all Mifare cards can be duplicated with a smart phone.

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we can duplicate access card or RFID duplicate cards such as HID iClass card, Mifare ultralight cards, Mifare DESfire can be duplicated. 

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