Find The Best RFID Access Card Duplicate In Singapore

A duplicate access card is a must for home-sharing people, house owners, and property agents. A duplicate access card would enable homeowners to live without worrying about losing the original keycard. Even though numerous duplicate card providers are available everywhere, the flawless service offered at makes it one of the prominent service providers globally.

At, customers can copy, duplicate, or clone access cards. Originally based in Singapore, We offer assistance in duplicating office access cards, condo access cards, co-sharing access cards, etc. The free on-site service from the platform enables the customers not to leave the premises to duplicate the access card.

The easy ordering process, affordable pricing plans, full refund policy, courteous on-site service, etc., are the highlights of the platform. It features the lowest price in Singapore for access card duplicate Singapore services. We also wish to highlight that Also in Singapore, it is NOT ILLEGAL to clone condo, office and even door access card!

Duplicable Cards

As the number of tourist services is relatively high in Singapore, the use of various access cards are in high prevail, and only a few service providers can reproduce all kinds of access cards. At, this scenario is taken care of. They can produce almost 99% of the access cards in and around Singapore.

Some of the access cards that they can duplicate are:

  • iClass SEOS
  • iClass SE
  • iClass Legacy
  • Mifare 1K
  • Mifare 4K
  • Mifare DESFire
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • Securakey
  • Office door key cards

Pricing Plans

Based on the kind of doors, the nature of security intact, etc., three different pricing plans are in place for the customers. They are:

  1. Most Access Card
  • Costs $10 per card
  • Ideal for Securakey, Mifare Classic 1K, HID Prox II Card, Viking, etc.
  • Available in sticker, keychain, card, fob, and wristband formats
  • Free to have extra designs
  • Free on-site service
  • A service charge is in place for less than four cards
  • The success rate is a 100%
  1. High Encrypted Card
  • Suitable for high-encrypted, extra-safe key cards
  • Priced at $25 per card
  • Ideal for Mifare 4K, custom cards, Mifare Ultralight cards, etc.
  • Available in card and fob format
  • Free extra designs
  • Free on-site service is available
  • Service charges levied for less than two cards
  • 100% success rate
  1. HID iClass Key Card
  • Duplicate iClass cards Singapore
  • Costs $40 per card
  • Ideal for HID iClass, iClass ER, iClass SR, etc.
  • Available in the keychain, card, and sticker formats
  • Comes with an authentic tag of HID iClass
  • The customers have to send photos of the card prior
  • Free on-site service is available
  • Service charges levied for less than two cards pricing

Ordering and Service

Although the process of keycard duplication may sound quite complex, and people often overestimate the time for keycard duplication, the sophisticated service and the advanced technology used at lifts the myths around the process. The ordering process is straightforward, and once the order is in place, the customer will get immediate on-site assistance and service.

our process for access card duplicate

To understand What Card Can We Duplicate, clone, copy or replicate. We have launched Singapore’s first access card duplication checker.