Q Bay Residences Introduce new Access Card: What changed?

Q Bay Residences is located in Tampines with proximity to schools, parks and shopping malls such as Temasek Polytechnic Bedok Reservoir park, and Tampines Hub. 

The Q Bay Residences was completed in 2017 and this year in 2022. Q Bay Residence has upgraded the physical access card system and intercom to be linked with their mobile phones for ease of access, such as opening the door, gate, etc.

Q Bay Residences was previously using the HID iClass ER Card, which did not have an intercom that allowed the unit owner to use their mobile phone for easy access. 

The latest system deployed is a custom access card solution similar to ISC and Engima access cards. Rejoice as we are the first in Singapore to duplicate Q Bay Residences’ new access card.

Looking to duplicate access cards near Bedok, Tampines or Pasir Ris? 

Homeowners, property agents and co-living owners who are looking to duplicate their cards for tenants can contact us to get their access cards duplicated. Duplicate access card in 

Now you can duplicate, clone, and copy the Q Bay Residences access card. Keep extra copies, as MCST charges are costly for lost, damaged or misplaced cards.

duplicatecard.com can duplicate, clone or copy such cards. All facilities, such as the gym, lift, gates and amenities, can be open.

Price: $60 per card/tag. 

q bay residence entrance

To understand What Card Can We Duplicate, clone, copy or replicate. We have launched Singapore’s first access card duplication checker.